Astra - People of Pearson

“My very first job at Toronto Pearson was as a hostess at Swiss Chalet, actually. Seeing everyone one in their different uniforms with bright colours, I just wanted to be part of that. Every day at Pearson is different, you never know what to expect. But once you get here, you can’t leave.  

In the Resource Management Unit, we’re in the background but all our decisions are felt on the frontline by passengers and airport workers. We’re responsible for fitting each aircraft onto a gate that matches its size and assigning baggage carousels for passengers to pick-up their luggage. It’s like a puzzle that is constantly moving and never ending. Weather can be the biggest challenge. When snowstorms or lightning affect the operation, a perfectly planned schedule needs to be remade in the moment.  

Since the pandemic, we’ve had to make changes to how we direct the flow of aircraft, passengers and luggage. We make sure to gate aircraft so that we don’t have two full gate lounges next to each other. An arriving aircraft will gate next to a departing aircraft so that passengers never cross paths. 

The first question is always, where can we space passengers out the most to maintain a healthy distance.” 

- Astra, Resource Coordinator, GTAA 

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