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“The acorn didn’t fall far from the oak tree. My dad was in the airport business and I followed. I was a Transport Canada student intern in 1989 and never left aviation. My husband is a pilot, as well. The magic of airports, the connection that they enable—it creates such a passion in me. I’ve never wanted to leave. 

Today, as Director of Customer and Agency Development, I make sure airlines and government agencies have what they need to successfully serve passengers. That means I work closely with all 62 of our airlines, as well as CATSA, CBSA and US CBP. 

What I’m focusing on now is planning for futuristic technology at Pearson that welcomes travellers back to the sky. As an example, just this summer we rolled out touchless, self-serve check-in and bag drop for Air Canada passengers, and we’re looking to expand that to all our air carrier partners next.

We want people to travel more smoothly and confidently. Yesterday’s airport involved stops and starts, having your boarding pass or passport scanned nearly ten times. The future looks like one seamless journey where your information is securely reviewed just once, then sent to the agencies that need it. 

There is a great sense of partnership at Pearson, to move into the future of healthy, efficient air travel.”

- Janik, Director of Customer and Agency Development, GTAA

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