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“As Operations Manager for McMaster HealthLabs, I’m partly responsible for the study of internationally arriving passengers at YYZ, co-sponsored by Air Canada and Toronto Pearson. It’s my role to make sure the study’s operations work seamlessly, from start to finish.

The type of testing we’re conducting is called molecular testing, where you take samples to multiply the virus and identify it, then study the structure. 

All our research assistants have been trained on how to interact with passengers and collect samples. Any passengers that participate in the study will also be given kits to self-sample, and those samples will be couriered to our laboratory at the Research Institute of St. Joseph's Healthcare and Foundation.

It has been so wonderful to be a part of this study from the beginning. It is heartbreaking to see Pearson so quiet and if this study can make a difference for Canadians, it would be amazing.

Contributions are being made by both researchers and the passengers who volunteer to take part in the study. We all want to see an economic recovery and a safe return of air travel. For me, no matter what mountains we must climb, I think it would be so wonderful if we can make even a small difference.”

- Marion, Operations Manager, McMaster Health Labs

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