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"I went to school first for human biology, before earning a master’s degree in occupational and environmental health. I fell into the field almost by accident, discovering how complex the field of occupational hygiene is.  I ended up in consulting, working for OHE Consultants (OHE), because of my interest in fully exploring the field of occupational hygiene.

Occupational hygiene looks at many different factors that can affect someone’s health and safety in a certain environment. At Pearson, we’re working closely with a number of GTAA departments, and we’re looking at various controls to minimize the spread of COVID-19, by providing expert opinion and recommendations on topics that include hand sanitizer locations, disinfection of high touch areas and air quality. 

What creates a challenge is that the information we have on COVID-19 advances rapidly. For that reason, we are always adjusting and making tweaks based on new research. We’re spending just as much time in the passenger-facing areas of the airport as we are in the areas where employees work. As long as everyone does what it takes, being personally accountable for their safety, the measures implemented will assist in keeping the airport community safe. 

I want passengers and airport workers to know that Pearson is being proactive. A lot of work is being done to create a healthy environment for the return of travel, by staying at the forefront of new technologies and the latest research." 

- Michal, Senior Occupational Hygienist & Vice-President, OHE Consultants

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