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“As an Airside Coordinator, it’s my job to coordinate and oversee a wide scope of activities on the airfield, maintaining safety, regulatory compliance and operational integrity. This includes reviewing and issuing permits relating to planned maintenance, cranes and construction activities. Problem solving is a big part of the job to make everything fit together. 

Coming up with the solutions to these challenges always gives you a big sense of accomplishment. I enjoy the responsibility of the job and seeing projects come to life. I work as part of a larger team of Airside Coordination Specialists, and I enjoy working with my teammates because together, we help the airport function as a whole.  

Construction in the summer months can be hectic, but that has been minimized due to COVID-19. With less traffic on the airfield, we’re trying to take advantage of the downtime. We’ve scheduled as much work as possible, including runway and taxiway resurfacing, as well as apron slab replacements, all with the safety of our passengers as the top priority.

I’ve always been interested in aviation. As a kid, whenever I had family coming to the airport, I was always first in line to go. I loved watching planes from the old Terminal 1 parking garage and I enjoyed the hustle and bustle. Pearson is a whole world in itself.” 

- Cedric, Airside Coordination Specialist, GTAA

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