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“I’m a deicing specialist here at the airport. Aviation has always been an interest of mine, and I love being around airplanes. As a deicer, I get to work alongside many aircraft while also helping people connect to the world and ensuring they get there safely. I love giving a friendly wave to a passenger to help calm them down before their flight. As someone who has been here for 19 years, I also have the opportunity to mentor the newer specialists.  

While deicing is always in full swing during the winter, things are different in the summer. It is still incredibly busy as we work to maintain the entire Central Deicing Facility.  During the winter deicing season, the runoff fluid gets collected in tanks underground to be recycled. In the summer months, we thoroughly clean the tanks to ensure they are safe for use next winter. There are multiple tanks, some the size of a small parking lot and it’s a long process to clean them, taking almost the entire summer. It feels like the summer is a busier time for us because there is only so much time to be able to upkeep and maintain the facility and prepare it for the next winter.  

Keeping the aircraft and passengers safe is our commitment, and why we love our jobs.”  

-Ian, Deicing Specialist, GTAA

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