Kurush - People of Pearson

 “I started here 14 years ago as a co-op student and today I head up a team that is accountable for our “passenger first strategy.” At Toronto Pearson, we put the passenger at the center of all that we do, prioritizing passenger care, including communications, services, accessibility, research, engagement and experience. 

We challenge conventional thinking about airports by putting ourselves in the passenger’s shoes. We use insights and direct consultation to design solutions that deliver a seamless experience from curb to gate. This approach allows us to provide the right level of focus on each facet of the overall airport journey. 

As we learn how to respond to this pandemic and figure out what the new normal is, I want passengers to understand that airports are a safe environment. We have invested in new processes and protocols to safeguard the health of our passengers and our colleagues, and what we are doing is not just about making it safer; it’s making it better.” 

-Kurush, Director, Passenger Experience and Development

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