Faiyaz - People of Pearson

 “Ever since I can remember, I've had a fascination for aviation. From a very young age, I found the whole dynamic of airports and air travel to be remarkable.

Today, I manage the business relationship with our airline customers, where I’m accountable for the implementation and continuous improvement of programs that improve the passenger check-in experience, streamline the connections journey and more. Throughout this, we’re always aiming for operational excellence to create a great passenger experience, while striving to provide our airline customers with long-term business success at Toronto Pearson. 

Since the pandemic started, we’ve been working around the clock to help airlines plan for a safe return of passenger traffic. Personally, I always feel a sense of urgency to try and get as much done as possible. I consider my job to be a singular privilege because I can identify measures and introduce technologies that will help restore passenger confidence, and put those measures into play. 

We’re creating strategies to completely revamp the entire passenger journey, starting with the check-in process. Speeding up check-in, reducing touchpoints, making physical distancing easier, finding ways to avoid passing documents back and forth—we’re taking every step possible. 

For example, Air Canada passengers can check in online before arriving at the airport and now simply scan their boarding pass at a kiosk to receive their bag tag and drop their checked bags at a self-serve bag drop. It’s a matter of seconds now, rather than standing in line to talk to someone. 

Our job is instilling passenger confidence and I’m very confident in the measures that we’ve put in place. We want travellers to know that they’re part of a safe, healthy experience when they fly at Pearson.”

- Faiyaz, Manager of Air Carrier Program Development, GTAA

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