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“As one of the managers of terminal operations, I make sure we're meeting the standards, getting passengers to their planes as safely and quickly as possible, while ensuring nothing is impeding passenger flow. The passenger is always at the forefront of our minds. 

The health and safety of our passengers was always a priority, but now it has evolved even further. The new challenge is to come up with fresh ideas, decisions and processes to help passengers navigate the airport in a healthy and safe fashion. 

We are considering any idea with our partners and agencies to respond to the new normal. It's one of the most interesting challenges I've had in my career, which included 9/11. Whether it’s physical distancing by staffing every other counter or putting some check-in queues in the arrivals level, we’re getting creative to ensure our passengers’ and employees’ health and safety.

I started here at Pearson right out of college. At first, I figured I’d want to work for one of the airlines, but when I took a tour of Pearson, I immediately knew I wanted to work here. I’ve been in many different positions during my career here, involving terminal operations, retail and advertising. Each day is different and I’m always learning something new. This really is a phenomenal place to work.”

-Amaury, Manager, Terminal 1 & 3 Operations, GTAA

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