Ryan - People of Pearson

“I’ve been with Peel Regional Police for sixteen years. My postings have included Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations Bureau, Break and Enter Unit, Homicide and now here at the Airport Division. I came to Toronto Pearson in 2018 and it’s a unique place, both in the people we meet and the things that happen here. 

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve had to adjust how we police here at the airport. Our officers are taking extra precautions, just like everyone else, which includes using masks and maintaining physical distancing to keep the community and our families safe.

As a member of the airport community , I can see how hard the pandemic has hit the aviation and travel industry. These sectors and the businesses around the airport have been deeply affected by the downturn. There have been many layoffs and that’s painful to witness. However, I am very optimistic that COVID-19 will end soon because our community is working together to flatten the curve. 

Being a part of the airport community has shown me just how culturally diverse we are as Canadians. It's wonderful to see all the different languages and ethnicities we have here in Canada. It makes me very proud to be Canadian, because that’s our strength and that’s what will help us get through this.”

- Ryan, Acting Sergeant, Peel Regional Police

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