Bryan - People of Pearson

“I got my start in aviation by chance. Some friends told me to apply for an aircraft maintenance apprenticeship. I didn’t know anything about aircraft. It turns out that I was the only one they hired! 

I’ve worked for Cathay Pacific for twenty-three years and I haven’t had a boring day yet.

An engineer is like a detective with a clue. Aircraft have over twenty main systems and I know all of them by heart. I get an error message from the aircraft, but it is up to me to identify the cause. If a door doesn’t open, it could be problem with the software or the power source or the signal. 

If it’s software, I can reset it. However, I rely on the mechanic to know the layout of the aircraft and change components, if needed. The mechanic and I have a lot of trust in each other so we can work quickly and correctly to service that aircraft, getting it ready for departure, because we always work on a time crunch.

It’s my legal responsibility to certify that the aircraft is serviceable each time we complete our inspection. We want to depart on time, but safety is always number one, so passengers can be confident that that comes first every day.”

- Bryan, Engineering Manager, Cathay Pacific


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