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“I’m a pilot for WestJet Encore flying the Dash 8 Q400. Growing up in Trinidad, my brother and I always wanted to be pilots. One day our dad gave us both disposable cameras on a family vacation. ‘Take pictures with your family,’ he said. Every photo on both cameras ended up being planes—that was when we knew we were addicted.

My brother and I got hired as pilots by Caribbean Airlines at the same time in 2010, which was incredible. At the time, WestJet would fly to Trinidad and they were always the “cool” airline, so I was nervous and excited when I applied and got the interview.

With WestJet, I fly to different locations in Canada, as far west as Calgary and as far east as Gander and St. John’s. Flying in the Caribbean you would see plenty of Islands and ocean, which is lovely. But it is such a change flying here. It’s fascinating to see hundreds and hundreds of miles of snow up north or to watch the US east coast unfold underneath you.

The best parts of this job are the early morning flights. It's calm. It's quiet. The sun is rising. When you just break through that cloud layer, it's perfect. It's peaceful and serene. Those moments are the best.

That said, my favorite memory is when I was flying from Trinidad to Tobago, which is a 15-minute flight. As I was taxiing to the terminal, I could see one lady standing up with her face almost on the terminal window waving hysterically. That was my mother, waiting to get on board my return flight. It was a bit embarrassing, but it’s still my favourite memory."

- Andrew, Pilot, WestJet

For more details and to learn about opportunities to join WestJet, visit:

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