Patrick - People of Pearson

"I’m the Senior Containerized Freight Vehicle operator during the morning shift for FedEx at Pearson. The Containerized Freight Vehicle is a tractor trailer that carries aircraft containers holding freight that come off a FedEx aircraft. Those packages are sorted at our facility, then I transport them to different courier stations in Southern Ontario on my truck.

I started with FedEx in 1987 as a courier before I got this job. They sent me to New Hampshire for two weeks to be trained to drive a tractor trailer. That’s something that has stuck with me, because not many companies would do that for their employees.

A lot has changed with this job since then. We used to drive the freight straight onto the ramp and directly into the plane from the truck. Back then we only had one tractor trailer, too. Today we have over forty!

I love the intricacy of the operation itself. It's never a dull moment since we need to ensure we get to the courier stations in time. If the plane is late, it can affect the entire operation and we need to make up that time. It’s an adrenaline rush.

Working with FedEx has been great. There is a lot of satisfaction that comes from being part of this big operation and getting the packages to the customers on time. After 33 years on the job, I’ve never had a bad day."

- Patrick, Senior CTV AM Shift, FedEx YYZ

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