Derrick - People of Pearson

“Being a Deicing Specialist is incredibly technical. The training was the most intense I’ve done—and I loved it. I’ve been at Pearson’s Central Deicing Facility for five years now. When I started, the most intimidating part was being watched! Dozens of faces peering through the windows, taking videos of me—that took getting used to. It’s fun now; I can finish up and wave back at the kids on board. 

We work in teams of four or six to coordinate decontamination of an aircraft. The most delicate part of the job is identifying the type of snow or ice contamination. It could be a foot of snow or tiny ice pebbles that you only see when the sunlight catches them. Different conditions need a different type of fluid, spray pattern and pressure. 

While I’m visually inspecting the aircraft, I’m multitasking—operating the arm that lifts my cab, directing the spraying arm and maneuvering the truck underneath me. Combine that with trying to conserve fluid and operating the radio, and it can get difficult.

The team here is the best part of the job. Any given day there’s forty or fifty of us from all different ethnicities and walks of life. We all have one thing in common, though. We never let an aircraft leave until it’s clean. Our job is to make every aircraft safe to fly and we’re committed to that.”

- Derrick, Deicing Specialist, GTAA

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