Jessie - People of Pearson

"I’m an Aircraft Mechanic working for Cathay Pacific at Pearson. To be honest, I would work for free if it meant coming to work here every day. 
I always had a passion for airplanes, and I loved the sound of the engines. Travel is exciting to me, even if it’s not me going on an adventure. It makes me happy to see people boarding our aircraft. 

As a Mechanic, I work closely with our engineer to service and maintain the Cathay fleet that operates here. We’re able to monitor aircraft remotely using online systems that track aircraft operating data in real-time. Before the aircraft arrives, we’ve already assessed it, prepared our equipment and we’re waiting to meet it on the ramp.

Every day we have a new challenge, but I find that exciting. Time is the biggest factor in our job and it can be stressful. We want to complete our assessment and certify the aircraft to fly, but safety always comes first. I work with the engineer to complete our assessment and the pilot can’t take-off until we are confident the aircraft is safe to fly.  

This is a very male-dominated field, but it makes me feel powerful in my own ability. Women look at problems differently and that’s a valuable perspective. I’m only starting my career and I have a lot to learn, but this industry is expanding rapidly and I’m excited for the future."

- Jessie, Aircraft Mechanic, Cathay Pacific

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