Kevin - People of Pearson

"I did the first large Christmas display at Pearson eight years ago and I’ve been doing them ever since. We want to engage passengers in experiencing a moment in time as they travel, and it’s also for employees at the airport. The ultimate satisfaction is the reaction from passengers and workers who stop to thank us and enjoy the decorations. 

As the years have progressed, our team has added more and more holiday decorations. By now we have over a dozen trees and hundreds of wreaths. In fact, it takes about eight days to assemble it all. Our biggest tree is not your average living room Christmas tree, either, because we need a crane to lift it into place. 

This is one of the most unique things that I do and that’s what makes it special. We have many clients, but the relationship with Pearson is one that makes me feel like I really work here. It’s given me a major appreciation for the logistical challenges and intricacies of running an airport. Even if a traveller only sees three or four personnel, there are a hundred other employees here that help make that passenger’s experience a good and positive one.

Truthfully, this is one of the yearly projects we love doing the most, because we help bring a joyful experience to passengers and employees enjoying the decorations. You can even take your holiday family photo here, because you’re not going to fit a 27-foot tree in your living room!"

- Kevin, Managing Director of Experiential Marketing, Citizen Relations

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