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"I'm an Airfield Supervisor with the GTAA. I started at Pearson as a baggage system operator for the first nine months. Then I transferred over to the Airfield Maintenance department. After 16 years of experience in that field I applied for the Supervisor’s position, where have been for the past five years. Working in the airport environment is exciting and challenging. 

My team's main responsibility is to keep the surface of the runways, taxiways and aprons safe for the movement of aircraft.

We conduct several inspections throughout the course of the day. We are looking for surface depressions, cracks, spalling concrete or asphalt, as well signs and airfield lights which may be out of place, all to ensure that it is under compliance. The winter season also brings many challenges such as rain, snow and ice. 

I am proud to lead a team of professional men and women who take pride in the work they do to ensure the safety of our airport surfaces. We strongly believe that passengers are our passion. 

One of my proudest moments on a job came when we had to evacuate an aircraft who declared an emergency landing while on final approach. We had very little time to react and within seconds we put a plan together to evacuate the aircraft and got our passengers to a safe zone. 

Receiving the President’s Award at the evening of excellence for the evacuation I realized how lucky I am to be working with such a great team who care about their jobs and have a passion for the work that they do." 

-Paulo, GTAA Airfield Supervisor

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