Gennaro - People of Pearson

"People don’t believe me when I tell them I’m 80 years old. But I’m still driving, lifting those suitcases in and out of the car. I’ve been a limo driver at Pearson for over 35 years and I’ve driven more than 65,000 people since I bought my first car. The best part of being a driver is that I’m an ambassador, getting to be one of the first friendly faces that tourists see here in Toronto. 

I moved to Canada from Argentina in 1972. My very first job was in construction. I lived in northern Manitoba, building a new hydroelectric dam. Six months in the cold, it was me and the polar bears. Not long after, my wife moved to Canada and started school at George Brown College. Together, we have a beautiful family with two sons. 

I bought my first limo in 1984 for $130,000 and started working at the airport. Before they moved to Argentina, my parents ran a limousine company in Italy, so it was a family business. Back then in Toronto, though, I was one of the only immigrants driving. I took a risk coming to Canada and I took a risk buying my first limo, but it paid off. 

As a self-employed contractor, I’m a businessman. That car is my office. When you meet me on the platform, I look clean and sharp, just like my limousine. I open the door for you, I take care of your luggage. It’s all part of the service that my clients can expect. Three decades later, I’m still here and still so happy with my job that I work 360 days a year. It keeps me strong and it keeps me sharp."

- Gennaro, Limousine Driver, Airline Limo


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