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"Before arriving at the GTAA, I was driving an F350 and hauling a 36-foot trailer doing deliveries from Windsor to Ottawa, all the way up to Sault St. Marie. I was intimidated when I first started as a bus driver at Toronto Pearson, but everyone on the Bussing team welcomes newcomers like family. You don’t get that often and so that makes the airport a special place to work.

My favourite part of this job is meeting the passengers and hearing where they’re coming from. I get to chat and joke around with all of them as they’re arriving from places all over the world—Europe, Asia, Africa, you name it. I love being around people and being behind the wheel of big machinery. As a bus driver, you come across all kinds of things that you don’t expect to—you’re always on the move and things can change minute to minute, especially and as we get closer to winter.

When the snow flies, we need even more drivers to meet the demand for passengers who are arriving on flights at the Infield Concourse or deplaning right on the apron. Winter operations are a challenge and you need a lot of skill to do this job. You need to be patient, calm and very aware of your surroundings. We’re mixed in with aircraft, giant snow blowers, dump trucks and baggage carts, all working hard to stay safe and move passengers as quickly as possible.

It feels great, though. It’s a sense of accomplishment to do this job, doing something good for passengers and the company."

- Faith, Bus Driver, GTAA

Are you looking for a new role?

The GTAA is hiring bus drivers to join our Airfield Maintenance Team and work alongside drivers like Faith. If you're interested in applying move on to the job application

Candidates need a valid “C/Z” or “B/Z” Provincial Driver’s License and heavy equipment experience is an asset.

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