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"My name is Paul and I am a Chief Duty Dispatcher for Air Canada, overseeing more than 900 flights for the day-to-day operations of Air Canada, Rouge and Air Canada Express. I’m dispatching for the entire world—including at our biggest connections hub, Toronto Pearson—so I pay attention to everything from security events, to political situations, to serious weather conditions. We watch anything on the planet. 

I’m always supported by a team of  Flight Dispatchers, who work directly with our pilots. From three hours before departure until the pilots release their brakes, Flight Dispatchers are helping pilots to plan their flights, deciding on fuel needs, charting routes and picking speeds and altitudes. If there is an issue, the Floor Dispatcher will tell me what’s going on. All the control comes to this desk and we try to get whatever it is resolved. 

The profession of Flight Dispatcher is licensed. We have backgrounds as pilots or meteorologists, or we come from a college background in airline management. We must pass an operations exam and a meteorology exam to be certified through Transport Canada. At Air Canada, we’re certified to look after our fleet of aircraft.

I think my position is probably one the best in the industry. There’s never a dull day. The days can be absolutely hairy, but it’s a great career. I’ve loved the airline industry from the moment I stepped foot into it. I wouldn’t change anything. I love it!"

- Paul, Chief Duty Dispatcher, Air Canada

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