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"My name is Andrew and I’m a Senior Project Manager from WSP, working on the GTAA’s Airport Development and Construction team at Pearson.

I’m managing the expansion of Gate 193, which will be developed into a new pier, Pier G, in the next three years. The Gate 193 Extension was constructed in 2010 for ground-loaded aircraft. We’re expanding this area significantly as Toronto Pearson continues to grow, making a better passenger experience and building the capacity that the airport will need for the next 10 years.

The first step in the Gate 193 development was to build bigger passenger lounges and washrooms, add new retail and a new escalator for departing passengers. We then built a new apron for aircraft parking and are now adding six new all-glass boarding bridges—they are unlike any existing bridges at Toronto Pearson and will be very light and open. It’s a big change that we hope will delight our passengers.

The next phase, Pier G, will start construction later this year and will add a further 11 passenger boarding bridges, improvements to passenger flow and a new mix of retail, restaurants, mixed seating and children’s play areas so that passengers can count on Pearson for an engaging experience when they travel. I’m a civil engineer with a passion for aviation and have spent a large part of my career specializing in airport projects. I find it very rewarding to work with a team of people to tackle challenging problems to build something that will be enjoyed by the passengers travelling through Pearson."

- Andrew, Consultant to the GTAA #PeopleofPearson

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