Rose - People of Pearson

"In high school, I was in the drama club and the first play we did was called 'Departures and Arrivals.' We came to Pearson in order to get a cockpit shot for the play. And then, years later, I ended up working here. It was one of those weird glimpses into my future. It started out as part-time job and ended up a full-time job.

I like meeting people. You get to meet new and different people all the time. I enjoy helping everyone. Even assisting with little things such as helping a grandpa find his wallet that he put in one pocket instead of the other. Or when I have to swab a little kid and they ask what I’m doing. I tell them, 'I’m checking to see if you had candies for breakfast, so mommy can know!' And I really love seeing the smile on all of the passengers when they are finished the screening process. 

My job is important. I'm the one who's protecting you and keeping you safe, so you can get on that plane to get to that destination, or to see a family member.

When I was training, I learned that you need to always be fair, firm and friendly. As long as you stick by those rules, you will be doing everything you can control. And by doing that, it has been very successful no matter how many situations I’ve come across. 

Being part of Toronto Pearson is like a big extended family. You get to know your co-workers and they get to know you and what is happening in your life."

Rose, GardaWorld

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