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"My name is Tom and I’m a Manager of Capital Planning. I work with everyone at the airport to articulate out how we can either build or buy something to make Toronto Pearson a better airport. I also volunteer with the Welcome Team and have always been fascinated by airports and the people who pass through them. It’s not just a place for travel, tourism and commerce; it’s where people can have their lives changed.  

In Capital Planning, we work to understand an existing operation by asking what the “current state” is and what the “ideal state” would be. Our goal is to understand how that operation can be moved into its ideal state by building or buying something that makes an improvement for passengers or workers. When we determine what that new facility, piece of equipment, or purchase is, my colleagues and I tell the story of that change so that it gets the funding it needs.

Our International-To-Domestic Bussing program is a good example. Multiple teams came together and looked at the whole picture of how passengers make connecting flights. We realized that we could save passengers time by cutting out additional security screening. This solution led to the purchase of a fleet of busses that now securely shuttles thousands of passengers daily to their next flight, reducing wait times and giving people more time to relax.

I love my job. Looking out my window reminds me of coming to the airport with my parents to watch planes as a kid. Now, though, I’m a part of the airport, making those passengers’ journeys safer, quicker and more enjoyable. The people I work with are some of the best you’ll ever meet, and we all love seeing that we make a difference to the nearly 50 million passengers traveling through Pearson."

Tom, Manager of Capital Planning, GTAA


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