Giselle - People of Pearson

"I’m a GardaWorld Screening Officer at Toronto Pearson. You might meet me when you go through Canadian Air Transport Security Authority security screening. It’s my job to assist passengers through security by making sure that they divest all the proper items, electronics and any liquids that are not allowed beyond security. I also make sure that they understand all the rules and procedures while searching an item if it needs to be inspected.

I was always interested in aviation. I also enjoyed the idea of being able to interact with people every day, and that goes hand in hand with everything I like about working in an airport. I appreciate the customer service aspect as well. There are a lot of opportunities for personal and professional growth here and I can definitely see myself continuing on this career path. 

For the most part, people can be timid when they come to airport security, not quite sure what to expect. I like showing them that it's not a scary process and that we're here to make it easier for them. It’s amazing seeing how happy people are when going on vacation. Their positivity and cheerfulness really makes my day. It puts you in good spirits when you see others in good spirits. 

Some people may have a misconception that we're here to just take things away from them and be unkind. We're here to protect them and follow procedures in order to get them to their destination safely. At the end of the day, we’re here to help and happy to do so." 

- Giselle, GardaWorld


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