Ryan and Indy - People of Pearson

"I’m Ryan and I work for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as a detector dog handler to Indy, a four-year-old yellow lab.

The CBSA’s Detector Dog Service (DDS) program plays an integral role in keeping prohibited drugs and firearms, currency, foods, plants, animals, and related products from entering Canada. DDS teams are located in strategic locations across Canada and play a critical role in finding prohibited and regulated goods.

The Agency provides me with a specifically outfitted vehicle to transport Indy to different ports in the Greater Toronto Area. There’s a climate-controlled cage in the back with her water bucket and a little bed, so when she isn’t working she can rest before her next search.

Indy works around people all the time. Often, people are happy to see a dog but I have to remind them not to pet Indy when she is working.

Indy is a living, breathing creature and my positive attitude directly affects her. We have to stay focused to keep dangerous products from entering Canada. We’ve enjoyed our time working here and have learned a lot. This place is unlike any other."

- Ryan and Indy, CBSA, Detector Dog Service Team

Ryan and Indy

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