Grace – People of Pearson

"I’m really excited to be part of the Toronto Pearson Street Team. There are four of us, and we constantly prepare for the events the airport sponsors. I've been to many of these events as a participant, so it’s nice to be on the other side, contributing to events that I attended when I was younger. Getting the chance to educate people about the airport and the great things we’re doing in their communities is something I enjoy most about this role.

We provide information to the community about the airport’s initiatives—how we’re being a good neighbour, connecting to our communities to help them grow sustainably and in step with the airport. For example, our regional transit vision for “Union Station West” will help better connect our region on the ground. Our community investment program, the Propeller Project, helps residents gain the skills, connections and opportunities needed to be meaningfully employed. 

I had worked at Toronto Pearson previously, but the entire Street Team was hired this year through ACCES Employment, one of the agencies that the Propeller Project supports. ACCES helps job seekers facing barriers to employment find work, and they’re a perfect example of how we are supporting people in our community to enable sustainable growth.

Working at Toronto Pearson is something I hope to continue throughout my career. There are many great opportunities at the airport, and there’s always something new and different happening, no matter what area you’re working in. At the end of this summer, I will be glad to have gained some valuable career experience, as well as some lifelong friends from the Street Team." 

-Grace, Toronto Pearson Street Team Member


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