Daniela – People of Pearson

"My role is to liaise with the different departments to understand their business strategy so that IT can source and implement the right technology to help them meet their goals.

I get to work on a lot of interesting projects. Some have a positive impact on the passenger experience, like upgrading the voice system that handles our customer service calls. Others, like our new GTAA internal portal, help our employees stay connected and keep informed.

One of my most recent projects was the rebuilding of the Toronto Pearson website. Nearly 100 people were involved in bringing the new and improved torontopearson.com to life and it’s been amazing to see what we accomplished working together. The technology we implemented is best-in-class and it’s allowed us to design and build an amazing experience that meets the needs of today’s user base and can grow with us, to power the great things we have planned.  

I love working at Toronto Pearson. I’ve met great people who really care about what they do and to me, that’s very motivating. Plus, I enjoy every part of the travel experience and so, the airport has always had a positive ‘energy’ to it. It feels good to know that I was a part of something that helps to showcase what a great airport we have and provides folks with the information they need to really enjoy their time here."

- Daniela, Manager of Digital Solutions, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

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