Pearson’s role in managing international passengers arriving at the airport

Our responsibility lies in safely moving passengers through the airport once they’ve arrived. Other parts of the journey are managed by government agencies, including Canada Border Services Agency, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Transport Canada, local Public Health Units and local law enforcement agencies (for quarantine enforcement).

These partners are ensuring international arriving passengers are screened, contact information is gathered and check-ins are happening at the local level.

Watch our video to see how the process works:

For our part, we’ve taken many steps to help protect the health and safety of passengers and employees, which has included the introduction of new and innovative technologies such as UV light disinfection and an autonomous floor cleaner. We’ve increased sanitization throughout the airport, introduced mandatory mask requirements for when physical distancing isn’t possible and established a COVID-19 case log for airport workers.

We’re also co-sponsoring a voluntary study from Air Canada and McMaster Healthlabs which provides COVID-19 tests to passengers arriving from international destinations.

To learn more about what we’re doing to keep passengers and employees safe, visit our Healthy Airport page.

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