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Quicker, easier parking now at Pearson

Do you find it challenging to find an empty parking space? Or have you ever parked at the airport and forgotten where you left your car? Well, now you can count on Pearson to make parking at the airport easier, quicker and more efficient.

Over the past few months, we’ve been installing a guidance system in the Terminal 1 parking garage that will make parking easier for you.

Upon entering the garage, you will notice a monument sign that identifies which levels have open parking spaces. Once on the level with available spaces, you will notice more signs and lights on the ceiling that indicate available spaces - it’s that easy.

parking guidance system

When you’re ready to leave, test out the "Find Your Car" feature. You can easily locate where you parked your vehicle by entering your license plate. The system will find your car and provide a map to get back to it. This system is available in the four lobbies leading into the Terminal 1 garage.

find my ride

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