New departures testing service launches July 12

Starting July 12, Switch Health will be offering COVID-19 testing services to departing passengers at Toronto Pearson, at a new clinic located in the Value Park Garage (VPG). A traditional, in-person clinic will be available on VPG Level 3 and a new drive-through testing service will be available on VPG Level 1. Value Park Garage can be reached using the Link Train in both terminals.

This service is an exciting step forward in the protective layers that shield the airport community from the spread of COVID-19. Departures testing was trialed at Toronto Pearson as part of a federally funded research project that explored the use of multiple testing technologies. The research project showed testing to be an effective and sustainable service that could be operationalized at the airport as a permanent service. Switch Health’s service will replace the testing that had been available through the federally funded research project.

Switch Health will be providing testing at prices below market rates to make travel more affordable. Available tests include PCR and rapid antigen, as well as other commonly accepted tests. Before travelling, it’s very important to research the COVID-19 testing requirements for your travel plan nation prior to booking with Switch. You can use this interactive map on the Sherpa website. We don’t maintain this website, so we recommend confirming these requirements with official government resources provided by the country to which you plan to travel.

For more information on the service, and to book your test, visit our COVID-19 testing landing page.

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