Meet Shelley, Assistant Director of Operations at HMSHost

Shelley spends her days visiting the HMSHost-operated dining options around Pearson, which include Caplansky’s Deli, LEE Kitchen, Paramount Fine Foods, Starbucks, Twist and The Hearth, to name a few. Her goal is to figure out how to offer the best guest experience. “The key is having happy, engaged staff,” says Shelley. “When we’re motivated and appreciated, we are excited to go above and beyond for essential travellers and co-workers alike.” 

Shelley provides training and coaching as well as organizes employee contests and programs all focused on keeping staff engaged. “We have a fantastic ‘shout out’ program that celebrates our teams’ successes,” she adds. “And of course, we are continually soliciting guest feedback so that we can meet and exceed their needs.” 

Thanks to these efforts, staff are happy to roll up their sleeves and help in any way they can. “Whether it’s offering bags of ice to keep an essential traveller’s medication cold while they wait in the terminal, planning a special meal in advance for people with allergies or reheating a homemade snack for someone, these small gestures add up to create memorable experiences,” explains Shelley. 

“I’m so proud of this award,” says Shelley. “Aside from the safety and cleanliness that our restaurants uphold, I feel like our staff’s exceptional customer service helped contribute to this win.” 

Thanks for everything you do, Shelley! 

Be sure to check back each week as we profile a new employee as part of the celebrations around our recent ASQ win. Learn more about our 2020 ASQ award recognitions.

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