Meet Maria, who helps our passengers throughout the airport

In celebration of our fourth “Best large airport in North America” win and our new “Best hygiene measures in North America” recognition in ACI World’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey, we’re profiling the people who made it happen—our employees! Meet Maria, Passenger Service Representative at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

Maria works in the call centre, answering passenger inquiries, helping manage safe practices among travellers and acting as a concierge by recommending restaurants, entertainment and transportation options.

“We demonstrate what the ASQ award is all about—providing excellent customer service,” says Maria. “Our team works hard to ensure our passengers are heard and to figure out a way to help them. Whether it’s a missed flight or someone with a language barrier, it’s a complex job in that we deal with many unique situations and emotions. It requires a lot of genuine kindness and patience.

“One example is when I helped a distraught passenger who lost her luggage that had her medicine in it. I offered to help and searched with the airline for 20 minutes. We found it and helped coordinate the delivery to her that same day. She broke down in tears in appreciation for having someone hear her story.”

Thanks for everything you do, Maria!  

Be sure to check back each week as we profile a new employee as part of the celebrations around our recent ASQ win. To learn more about our 2020 ASQ award recognitions, visit our press release.

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