Meet Faruk, who navigates passengers throughout the airport

In celebration of our fourth “Best large airport in North America” win and our new “Best hygiene measures in North America” recognition in ACI World’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey, we’re profiling the people who made it happen—our employees! Meet Faruk, Senior Representative, Passenger Navigation, at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

Faruk is responsible for all the navigational signs at the airport in both terminals and roadway signs leading to the airport. “Essentially, I make the passenger experience as smooth as possible from the time they are dropped off at the curb until they board the aircraft without getting lost in between,” explains Faruk. “I try to simplify signs so that with one glance, passengers know which way to go to get to their gate or the service they are looking for."

Signage is changing at the airport due to COVID-19, and to help improve the passenger experience, Faruk puts himself in passengers’ shoes and listens to their feedback to figure out what signs are needed and where. “I know the airport inside out and when I see a passenger that seems lost or confused, I’m happy to guide them and make note of how we can improve our signs.”

To learn more about our 2020 ASQ award recognitions, read the press release

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