“Life Captured” on display at Neilson Park Creative Centre

In partnership with Fujifilm, we held a photography contest last November called “Life Captured”. The contest focused on these themes:

  1. Celebrating Urban Life – Best representation of iconic photos of Toronto
  2. Community Love – Celebrating your own community pride through photography and how it fits into the larger fabric of Toronto’s cultural diversity.
  3. The World – Toronto Pearson is known as the gateway to the world, we would like you to share your photos from the most memorable place you travelled to.
  4. Moments that Matter – A meaningful photo that reminds us to cherish the people and places in our lives.
  5. Celebrating the Seasons of Ontario – Photographs depicting the beauty of the different seasons of Ontario, landscapes and nature.
  6. In flight – Share your most unique photos depicting flight.

Your opportunity has come to view these photographs! Running October 2 to November 3, the winners and honourable mentions will be displayed at Neilson Park Creative Centre. Check out the photos and let us know on social media which one is your favourite!

Photo credit: Larry D

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