Learning from airport stakeholders

A few weeks ago, the GTAA’s President and CEO, Deborah Flint, connected with business leaders across different sectors to discuss the ways that Pearson supports their success today, tomorrow and in the future.

The best airports bring businesses together and stimulate growth and social success for the broader economy. They reflect and represent a country that is ready for the future. Pearson is the front door to the country and can help Canada to grow its economy and competitiveness when all businesses and sectors work together.

The past two years of the pandemic have changed so much for businesses across the economy, including the airport and aviation industry. As we think about our future and plan our path forward, it’s critical that we learn and share perspectives on the ways that business has changed, understand what a stronger airport means for economic growth and success, and discuss opportunities that exist to strengthen relationships and collaborate. Working together, we’ll drive greater economic success for the region and Canada.

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