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Keeping innovation at the forefront of safety and security

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation where the safety and security of our passengers and employees is concerned, we’re proud to be the first airport in the world to trial the HEXWAVE walkthrough security portal from Liberty Defense.

HEXWAVE uses 3D radar imaging and artificial intelligence to detect and identify concealed weapons, whether metallic or non-metallic. The experience of passing through a HEXWAVE device is completely seamless, with no need to stop and remove keys, cell phones or other items from pockets. Moreover, HEXWAVE does not retain the 3D radar image and only displays a standardized outline of a person.

The technology will be trialed at Toronto Pearson during the third quarter to test its effectiveness in identifying threats at select public entrances to the airport, acting as an additional layer in our already robust security processes.

“We place passenger and staff safety and security as our highest priorities, and this means taking a proactive, innovative approach to staying ahead of emerging threats and minimizing them,” said Dwayne Macintosh, Director of Corporate Safety and Security for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. “We look forward to trialing HEXWAVE, and its potential to enhance safety and security at Toronto Pearson.”

To learn more about HEXWAVE, visit libertydefense.com.

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