How we're improving transit to Pearson

Greater Toronto Hamilton Area commuters spend 96 minutes on average stuck in traffic.

That's 10 minutes longer than commuters in Los Angeles and 19 minutes longer than commuters in Vancouver.

Road congestion is only getting worse every day.

By 2031, more than 2.5 million new residents are expected to move to the region. We need new transit options to help people get around without their cars.

Union Station West

Our region is long overdue for a second major transportation hub – and it makes sense to put it at the airport.

We see this new transit hub becoming almost as important for regional mobility as Union Station.

That's why we named it Union Station West. This transit hub would connect:

  • bus services like TTC, MiWay, Brampton Transit and GO Transit
  • existing rail lines like the UP Express and Kitchener GO line
  • planned rail lines in the area, like the Eglinton Crosstown LRT and the Finch West LRT
  • communities east of the airport through a connection to the 407 corridor by bus

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