How hot weather affects your flight

We have thousands of airport workers who keep you moving every day. Many of them work outside, where keeping cool in the hot weather is a matter of health and safety.

Working in high heat

Keeping the airfield maintained, unloading planes, guiding aircraft to their gate, and preparing flights for take off are all tasks that airport workers perform outdoors.

Just like anyone else exposed to the elements, these workers are at risk when temperatures soar out on the tarmac.

To stay safe in the heat, they limit their time outdoors, consume more water and take mandatory rest periods.

Heat can impact operations

As a result of these safety measures, outdoor workers may operate at a slower pace than usual.

This means your plane could take longer than expected to reach the gate, or your luggage processing could be delayed.

We know this can be an inconvenience, but please keep in mind that we must protect the people working in extreme heat. Keeping our passengers and employees safe is our top priority.

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