Holiday travel tips for the festive season

If you’re travelling this year, we’ve got tips and information to help. 

Looking for ways to cut down on waiting in line?

We have several new features available for those who don’t like line-ups. Check out YYZ Express, which lets you book a spot in the security line up to 72 hours in advance. If you’re travelling to the U.S., take advantage of Mobile Passport Control, an app introduced by United States Customs and Border Protection that allows you to digitally submit your information for a smoother departures experience from Pearson. And for your return trip to Canada, use the Canada Border Services Agency’s , which lets you submit your customs and immigration declaration up to 72 hours in advance of flying into Canada. New at Pearson, if you complete Advance Declaration, you’ll have access to an Express Lane in the customs area, further saving time.

Want to know what to expect when coming to Pearson?

We have a live wait times dashboard that provides you with real-time information ahead of arriving at the airport. And our peak travel times dashboard lets you check ahead to know if you’ll be passing through the airport during a busy period.

Wondering how early to arrive?

As always, you should give yourself plenty of time and arrive early for your flight. This is especially important during winter when weather can cause delays getting to the airport.
If you’re travelling internationally, you should arrive three hours ahead of your flight. For domestic travel, arrive two hours ahead.

Want to know how to breeze through security?

Before heading out to Pearson, take some time to brush up on what’s allowed to take in carry-on by checking out travel tips from CATSA. If you’re bringing gifts with you, make sure they’re unwrapped as all packages may need to be inspected. Also, be prepared to remove winter coats and boots when passing through the security checkpoint.

Have some extra time before your flight takes off?

Once you’re through security, we have plenty of holiday activities to keep you entertained. Look for our family movie lounge, holiday carolers, special YYZ Live music performances and much more! For details on the magical activities in the terminal check out this What’s Happening post.

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