Help us build back smarter

As the biggest airport in Canada, and a major connection point for people and goods across our country and to the world, we know that Toronto Pearson should aspire to be a leader in safe, connected, and environmentally responsible flight.

After the impacts of the pandemic, we’re working to determine how we’ll build back smarter and create a path for our airport that is greener, more innovative and inclusive.

As a member of our community, you can help identify how we’ll get there. From May 27 to June 17, give us your input through a large-scale community survey to understand what you value in an airport. We’ll ask about your views on what we should prioritize for the future, including how we protect the environment, prepare for passengers and ensure our airport works for everyone who relies on it.
The survey is being conducted through a neutral, third-party provider and should take about 15 minutes to complete. Take the survey.

Interested survey participants may have the opportunity to participate in a Resident’s Reference Panel – a voluntary, one-day panel to guide our plan for the future.

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