GTAA’s transit vision tops list of transformational infrastructure in Ontario

Toronto Pearson is Canada’s largest global hub airport, connecting Canada to the world. However, the area that surrounds Pearson is just as critical to economic success. Pearson is located at the heart of the Airport Employment Zone (AEZ), the second-densest concentration of jobs in Canada and a dynamic economic engine.

On June 8, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) named the airport’s transit vision the #1 transformational infrastructure project in Ontario. It is a strong endorsement of the power of public transit to uplift communities and economies. 

We envision a future where better transit connectivity runs to and through the AEZ, as well as to the airport. This would help us to pursue climate change goals, reducing road congestion and reducing greenhouse gases. It can improve access to jobs for residents of our region, creating a more sustainable and equitable community. It can also lead to more affordable living conditions for residents and workers.

OREA is not the only group that has seen the value of public transit investments. In 2019, Premier Doug Ford unveiled an ambitious $28.5 billion transit plan for Ontario, followed by the Building Transit Faster Act. In May 2021, the federal government announced a substantial investment into Canadian transit —$12 billion dollars. 

To read more, including the report from OREA, visit their website.

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