GTAA deploys COVID Safety Alert devices to 1,000 employees

As part of our continuing commitment to fostering a Healthy Airport and rebuilding trust in aviation, we’ve outfitted 1,000 frontline GTAA employees with wearable COVID Safety Alert (CSA) devices in cooperation with our IT partner Wipro Limited. 

The CSA is a small, wearable clip-on device that employees can wear on their belt, coat or lanyard. It notifies the wearer when they are less than two metres away from another CSA device by buzzing and flashing. CSA devices also record each time they come into contact with another device in a confidential log.

CSA wearable device

We're committed to using any innovative solution or advanced new technology that can help to protect passengers, airport workers and the communities we serve, and we’re fortunate to be collaborating with a like-minded partner in Wipro for this initiative. Learn more about CSA devices.


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