FESTI announces new partnership with Nunavut

Toronto Pearson is more than just an airport. It’s a world class partner in education and innovative skills training, connecting and collaborating with communities all around the world, including right here in Canada.

This month, Toronto Pearson’s Fire and Emergency Safety Training Institute (FESTI) launched a six-month initiative in collaboration with the Nunavut Fire Marshal and the Nunavut Municipal Training Organization to share firefighting and fire safety skills with the Territory’s Community Based Fire Departments. The initiative is led by FESTI Division Chief, Phil Bott and Acting Division Chief and Fire Service Instructor, Randy Fleming.

As Fire Service Instructor, Randy will be flying across Nunavut to share knowledge, experience, and resources with our Arctic communities, providing a platform to gain the critical skills needed when responding to emergency situations and enabling stronger relationships across the broader fire safety industry. The training will be provided through a series of courses, each tailored to the individual needs of the community.

Follow Randy’s journey over the next six months by participating in the “Where’s Randy” series. Each week, we’ll be posting clues of his whereabouts for your chance to guess which community Randy’s visiting. Stay tuned to us on Twitter @PearsonComms and Instagram @TorontoPearson!

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