How we prepare for emergencies

These measures make us better able to prevent, respond to and recover from incidents that pose a risk.

Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)

As we continue to grow, Fire and Emergency Services are maintaining emergency preparedness to meet growing demands.

In February 2019, 250 new Zoll AED 3 units were installed at key employee and passenger-facing locations of the airport.

AEDs are safe, easy to use and extremely effective in an emergency, delivering automated prompts to the user. The new units will be part of Peel Region’s Community PAD/AED Program, making them searchable by emergency dispatchers who can direct bystanders to the nearest device.

The new AEDs are clearly marked with signage and are conveniently located throughout the airport community. When removed from their cabinet, first responders receive an automated alert with the time and location, assisting in emergency dispatch.

Bleeding control kits

As well as making new cardiac treatment technology available, emergency preparedness was been further reinforced with the installation of over 250 bleeding control medical kits.

These kits protect against life threatening injuries from major trauma and severe bleeds and are available at each AED location. They can be used by immediate bystanders during a traumatic event to significantly increase the survival rates for victims at risk of major blood loss.

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