Customs tips

Entering Canada from a foreign country

Every Pearson passenger entering Canada must see a Canada Border Services Agency officer, who will verify documents, review goods being brought into Canada and grant permission to enter.

If you’re entering Canada at Terminal 3, you can speed up the customs process by downloading the eDeclaration App from CBSA. eDeclaration allows you to complete a declaration form on your phone for up to five people travelling together. The app will create a scannable barcode that you can use at any Primary Inspection Kiosk (PIK), currently available only in Terminal 3. Scanning your barcode can reduce the time to use PIK by up to 50%, getting you through customs faster and closer to your destination.

For more information on entering Canada from abroad, visit the Canada Border Services Agency.

Flying to the United States

Passengers leaving Pearson for the United States will see a United States Customs and Border Protection officer before proceeding to the gate. This process is called “preclearance” and it allows travellers quick and easy access to our more than 70 US destinations. Learn what you need to prepare for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Keeping Canada moving

We are Canada’s largest airport. Bad weather, flight schedule changes and special events like holidays can all put demand on the organizations and businesses that operate at the airport. At certain peak times, you may notice long lines. We work with our airlines and agencies to ensure that everyone can plan their staffing and prepare for an efficient flow of passengers.

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