CleanSlate UV sanitizers at Toronto Pearson

Our latest piece of in-terminal innovation is a UV-C light sanitization device that is proven to eliminate 99.999% of the coronavirus on smartphones in just 20 seconds without the use of any chemicals.

CleanSlate UV sanitizers for phones, tablets and other small electronics have been installed at the airport. Based in Toronto, CleanSlate’s hospital-grade technology has established a reputation as reliable and effective for cleaning touchscreen devices and other small electronics. The technology is regularly used in the healthcare, food processing and hospitality industries.

Where can I find a CleanSlate device?

  • Terminal 1, post-security Pier D, next to The Flower passenger information display
  • Terminal 3, before central screening
  • Terminal 3, post-security Node C, next to Duty Free

How to use CleanSlate

Just place your device in the tray and close the lid. As CleanSlate cleans, follow the device’s prompts to sanitize your hands, then remove your device when the lid automatically re-opens.

Chemical wipes damage touchscreens and manual error may leave some areas uncleaned. Also, most wipes require you to leave the chemical solution on the surface, untouched for 2-4 minutes, to be effective.

UV light won’t harm touchscreens, cameras or IR sensors and it is best used on hard, non-porous surfaces such as smartphones. The UV-C light that CleanSlate uses disrupts the DNA and RNA of pathogens, eliminating their ability to replicate when the light reaches a surface contaminated by bacteria or viruses.

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