BlindSquare assistive technology expanded at Pearson

In consultation with Canadian National Institute for the Blind, we’re proud to announce that BlindSquare, a leading-edge assistive technology, is now available to all departing passengers in Terminals 1 and 3. 

There are now a total of 27 smart beacons (16 in Terminal 1 and 11 in Terminal 3) at Toronto Pearson marking routes that enable greater independence for passengers with sight loss as they journey to a gate.  

The beacons mark important/major milestones along the passenger journey, from curb to gate, and essential services available along the route including the location of pet relief areas, in-terminal shuttle, washrooms, and food and beverage locations.

This expansion follows a successful two-year trial of BlindSquare which has provided more choice and enabled greater independence for passengers with sight loss as they navigated the domestic departure area in Terminal 1. Toronto Pearson was the first airport in Canada to offer BlindSquare.

Learn more about BlindSquare on our Accessibility page

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