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Airlines continue strong restart of routes in November

With a continued easing of air travel restrictions by the Government of Canada, our airline partners have been working hard to bring the world back to your doorstep. We’re thrilled to see more activity this November as Air Canada, WestJet, Air Transat, Sunwing, Flair, Swoop and American Airlines relaunch the following routes:

Air Canada

  • Grenada, 2x weekly (Oct. 31)
  • Puerto Vallarta, 3x weekly (Oct. 31)
  • Holguin, once weekly (Nov. 1)
  • Miami, FL, daily (Nov. 1)
  • Huatulco, once weekly (Nov. 6)
  • Puerto Plata, once weekly (Nov. 6)
  • Los Cabos, 2x weekly (Nov. 7)
  • Cozumel, once weekly (Nov. 9)


  • Curacao, once weekly (Oct. 31)
  • Phoenix, AZ, 2x weekly (Oct. 31)
  • Belize, 2x weekly (Nov. 3)
  • Puerto Vallarta, 2x weekly (Nov. 5)
  • Aruba, 2x weekly (Nov. 6)
  • Cozumel, once weekly (Nov. 6)
  • Providenciales, 2x weekly (Nov. 7)
  • Saint Martin, 3x weekly (Nov. 7)
  • Saint Lucia, once weekly (Nov. 7)
  • Tampa, FL, 3x weekly (Nov. 11)
  • Barbados, 2x weekly (Nov. 12)
  • Bermuda, 2x weekly (Nov. 18)
  • Antigua, once weekly (Nov. 21)
  • Huatulco, once weekly (Nov. 21)
  • Holguin, once weekly (Nov. 29)
  • Merida, once weekly (Nov. 30)
  • Varadero, 2x weekly (Nov. 30)

Air Transat

  • Montego Bay, once weekly (Nov. 5)
  • Santa Clara, once weekly (Nov. 5)
  • Cayo Coco, once weekly (Nov. 6)
  • Varadero, 2x weekly (Nov. 16)
  • Puerto Vallarta, once weekly (Nov. 25)
  • Samana, once weekly (Nov. 27)


  • Liberia, 2x weekly (Nov. 1)
  • Puerto Plata, once weekly (Nov. 2)
  • Santa Clara, 2x weekly (Nov. 2)
  • Nassau, 2x weekly (Nov. 4)
  • Puerto Vallarta, once weekly (Nov. 5)
  • Mazatlan, once weekly (Nov. 9)
  • Holguin, 2x weekly (Nov. 16)


  • Phoenix-Mesa, AZ, once weekly (Nov. 2)
  • Puerto Vallarta, 2x weekly (Nov. 3)
  • St. Pete-Clearwater, FL, 2x weekly (Nov. 5)


  • Phoenix, AZ, 2x weekly (Oct. 31)
  • Orlando, FL, 2x weekly (Oct. 31)
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2x weekly (Oct. 31)
  • Las Vegas, NV, 2x weekly (Nov. 2)

American Airlines

  • New York City, NY (La Guardia), 2x daily (Oct. 31)
  • Miami, FL, 2x daily (Nov. 2)
  • Washington, D.C., (Reagan), daily (Nov. 2)

We’re encouraged by these returning routes, as they bode well for Toronto Pearson’s recovery and that of the aviation industry in general. Join us in congratulating our airline partners on these very welcome service relaunches! To learn more about how we are preparing passengers for a return to travel, visit our Travel Information Hub.

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