COVID-19 is affecting global air travel with advisories and restrictions now in place. All travellers returning from international locations are mandated to self-isolate for 14 days.
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We have partnered with ACCES Employment in support of their Speed Mentoring® program

We have partnered with ACCES Employment in support of their in-demand Speed Mentoring® program in the Peel region. Speed Mentoring involves mentees and mentors meeting one-on-one for 10 minutes. When time’s up, a bell is rung and the mentee moves to the next mentor. Each interaction creates an opportunity for mentors and mentees to share, learn, and connect.

This partnership is part of our community investment program, the Propeller Project. Together with ACCES Employment, we’re helping skilled newcomers gain a competitive advantage that will positively impact their careers.

To learn more about the Speed Mentoring program and how you can get involved, head to

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