A reminder about mask use at Toronto Pearson

A reminder about mask use at Toronto Pearson

If you’re travelling soon or thinking about it, you should know that as part of our globally recognized Healthy Airport program, we require that passengers and employees wear masks at all times. Some exceptions do apply, including if you’re a seated dining room customer or in the act of consuming food or beverages in terminal spaces.

While it’s permitted to pull down your mask while consuming food or beverages, please note that if you’re outside of a dining establishment in the terminal spaces—whether relaxing, before your meal, or after your food—your mask must be worn.

Health Canada notes that non-medical masks can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 when combined with a layered approach to health by capturing your respiratory particles and preventing you from being exposed to the respiratory particles of others.

Learn more about what you can expect when travelling through Toronto Pearson, including more information on our mask requirement.


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